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Accounting & Finance | Game & Video Course

Yes, learning ACCOUNTING can be EASY, FAST, and FUN!  In this video and game-based course, you will learn the basics of accounting and financial statements by watching videos then playing and practicing in a fun and realistic business simulation game. Online, self-directed learning at your own pace. Includes 3 hours of video plus several hours of play with the GoVenture Entrepreneur business simulation (Basic version).

Earn a Certificate of Completion

GoVenture World players can earn 1,000 bXP and g50,000

Gold Star

Course Description

Yes, learning ACCOUNTING can be EASY, FAST, and FUN!

Yes, you can learn ACCOUNTING even if you don’t like MATH!

Learn business English terminology and how to pronounce the words properly.

Guaranteed to teach you more about accounting in less time than any other course. Stop! Take this course BEFORE you take any other accounting course so that you will be well-prepared for more advanced concepts.

This is not a boring lecture-style course. This course uses the most modern and innovative experiential-learning methods to keep you engaged from start to finish. Key concepts are presented in fun and interesting ways that ensure you’ll understand and know how to apply them right away.

You’ll even run a virtual business in a simulation game!

For business OWNERS, business MANAGERS, and STUDENTS. The perfect first course to learn the basics. And, be prepared to better understand how accounting software works, like QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB, FreshBooks, Wave, Netsuite, Zoho, Xero, SAP, and more.

Use your new accounting skills to improve your personal finances, earn money offering bookkeeping services, get a job promotion, or manage your own business.

Includes video explanations, an easy-to-read Business Learning & Activity Book, and free access to a GoVenture business simulation game.

You get to actually PRACTICE ACCOUNTING!

Your ACCOUNTING journey starts here … let's get started!

Who This Course is For

  • Business Students

  • Business Owners

  • Startup Founders

  • Current and aspiring Managers

  • Aspiring Bookkeepers and Accountants

Gain the skills to win your first job, achieve a promotion, or start your own business.

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