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Digital Marketing Superhero | Game & Video Course

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and sales funnels in this super-fast and effective online course.

Simulation and video-based training that you can complete in a few hours at any time.

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Gold Star

Course Description


This course simulates an engaging narrative story that places you in the role of an inventor of a new product:

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing while building and optimizing a marketing and sales funnel to maximize sales and other metrics.

  • Step through the process of creating a holistic and cohesive strategy for a digital marketing campaign using a simulation that reveals results as you play.

  • This is a super-fast and highly-effective way to learn how to apply digital marketing concepts.

  • This unique learning experience helps you discover how all the many concepts of digital marketing are brought together to achieve an overall marketing objective.



  • Simulation with videos and quizzes integrated directly into the experience — 99 days of access to the GoVenture Digital Marketing Simulation and curriculum.

  • 20 whiteboard-style videos of digital marketing fundamentals.

  • Digital Marketing Superhero Book (PDF).

  • Glossary of 179 terms.

  • Fully automated performance assessment

  • Global leaderboard to compare your performance to the best in the world (anonymous).

  • Everything is online and accessible from an Internet browser using any computer, Chromebook, or tablet.


Time Required

  • Simulation with videos and quizzes requires 5 hours to complete (on average). Can be played over multiple sessions on any schedule.

  • Play the simulation multiple times if you choose and access additional learning resources including videos, book, and glossary.

  • This is a super-fast and highly-effective way to learn how to apply digital marketing concepts. This training only requires a few hours of your time.


Topics Covered

Modules and high-level concepts are explained using whiteboard-style videos and integrated into the simulation training:

  • Consumer Profiles

  • Brand

  • Content

  • Website

  • Shopping Online

  • Revenue & Profit

  • Metrics

  • Social Media Organic

  • Social Media Paid

  • Search Organic

  • Search Paid

  • Messaging

  • Events

  • Community

  • Landing Page

  • Order Options

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Optimization


Watch the video above for more.

Who This Course is For

  • Perfect for beginners who want to learn quickly.

  • Effective for anyone who is having trouble with how all the concepts of digital marketing fit together to create a marketing strategy and sales funnel.

DMS 3D Book Cover 20221208.png

Includes this book!

Gain the skills to win your first job, achieve a promotion, or start your own business.

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